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A 148,940,000 km2 stage, a workshop presented by MEDIAPRO

Sónar+D, 7 Jul 2019

In this workshop, Pere Pérez and Edu Pou invited attendees to explore the narrative possibilities of immersive storytelling, by adapting a classic for different audiences, using cutting-edge technologies. Every medium affects its content, but when the medium aims to disappear, when there’s no screen and the action can deploy in any environment, when the viewers become actors and their interactions affect the plot decisively, how can creators regain control of the content they create?
To answer that question, Pérez and Pou—CEO and ECD at Mediapro’s immersive studio Visyon—started by sharing best practices in experiential, VR, AR, and XR to get participants in the right mindset. Access to information was complemented with access to the latest devices and famous experiences. Then, 6 teams of 5 tackled briefs as challenging as exploring the mind of Quixote in VR for blind audiences and how to bring to life the epic battles of Quixote in mixed reality for GenZ.
Each team pitched the resulting project, and got evaluated by their peers, in areas like creativity, innovative use of the technology, relevance for the audience, and feasibility. The winning team got not only the recognition of everyone but also an extra incentive in the form of a brand new Oculus Quest.

c de c 2019

c de c 2019

Metrópolis :: Especial c de c 2019

17 June 2019 - La 2 de RTVE (Spanish National TV)

The Creative Club of Spain turns twenty. In this time, technological advances, economic recessions, and political and social changes have impacted and transformed an industry that is by definition always in flux. Looking into the future, and under the motto "Let's keep searching", last March a new edition of "Días c de c" was held in San Sebastian. We are loyal to this meeting point and space for reflection and dialogue between the most outstanding professionals of the international creative industry, with whom we reviewed and celebrated twenty years of creativity.

Porterhouse Steaks made from Holy Cows - keynote with Jordi Pont

5 advertising myths debunked with creativity in the cdec 2019

Creativity and innovation are two of the main ingredients of the cdec, the key annual gathering of the Spanish advertising industry. Three days of reflection, debate, and learning hosted in the magical San Sebastián.

The second day of the festival, Edu Pou and Jordi Pont held a keynote speech to bring down some of the false myths surrounding advertising. Based on their long and successful careers, Pou and Pont knocked down dogmas with examples of top creativity in their presentation "Porterhouse Steaks made from Holy Cows" (Chuletones de vaca sagrada).


Ghost In The Shell

Ghost In The Shell

A production studio is just beginning to unlock the potentials of storytelling in virtual reality

Communication Arts, March 2018

Talk to anyone in the virtual reality (VR) industry, and the first buzzword you hear is immersion. Talk to Patrick Milling-Smith of VR production studio Here Be Dragons, and you hear presence, empathy, experience, agency. It is clear that Here Be Dragons is after something bigger than immersion.

It’s an ambition, goal, destination and result that becomes apparent as soon as one of Dragons’ works begins to play. It’s the vivid presence of a Holocaust survivor as he makes his final visit to the concentration and extermination camp where his parents and sister were murdered, in “The Last Goodbye.” It’s the horror of watching the man in art installation Real Violence take a baseball bat to a dummy’s head before proceeding to bash its lifelike face in. It’s the breathless drama of an all-night crime spree as experienced through the viewpoint of the 911 operator in VR miniseries Dispatch.

Total Immersion: Sound and Vision in the Virtual World

Sónar+D, 14 June 2017

Come learn from some of the interesting creators working in Virtual Reality today. This event will be split into two parts: sound and vision. The Sound section will focus on sound design and scoring for VR productions. McKenzie Stubbert has composed music for over 30 VR productions including works for Chris Milk, Kathryn Bigelow and Gabo Arora. McKenzie will be joined by Executive Creative Director of Here Be Dragons, Edu Pou, who will be discussing the importance of music and sound in VR.

For the Vision section we will be in conversation with Gabo Arora. Gabo has created memorable VR pieces, like projects especially his work for UNVR. Gabo will be taking us through his creative process and will be be giving guidance to those entering into the Virtual production world for the first time.  

Will moderate and present the session the Realities+D curator Jeremy Boxer.

Universos virtuales (y reales)

El Mundo, 8 June 2017

El aquí y el ahora son cada vez más relativos. Platón ya puso en duda la realidad en su mito de la caverna. Pero con unas gafas de realidad virtual (VR en sus siglas en inglés) el aquí se diluye hasta el límite de que el ahora desaparece. Y hasta podríamos estar en esa misma caverna con Platón. En la realidad virtual el verbo estar adquiere nuevas connotaciones y de mano de Edu Pou podemos estar en cualquier parte: en el mundo cibernético de Ghost in the Shell, en la selva del Congo con Kathryn Bigelow o a 50 metros bajo el agua en un barco hundido. Antes de irse a Amsterdam y a Nueva York, antes de trabajar en las mejores agencias de publicidad, antes de ser el Director Creativo Ejecutivo de Here Be Dragons—uno de los estudios punteros de VR en Estados Unidos—, Edu Pou era un adolescente del Vallès, del típico pueblo con polígonos y cruzado por la autopista C-17. Entonces, sus realidades alternativas estaban en las páginas de los cómics. Y ahí empieza su viaje.

En la Edad Media, los dragones y demás criaturas mitológicas habitaban los confines de la Tierra, aquellas zonas aún no exploradas en los mapas. La expresión Aquí yacen dragones significaba que aquella tierra era indómita y desconocida. «Por eso, nuestro estudio se llama Here Be Dragons, porque trabajamos en un territorio nuevo, aún por explorar. Como decía Kurt Vonnegut [uno de sus escritores preferidos]: 'Quiero estar tan cerca del límite como me sea posible, sin cruzarlo. Desde el límite ves todo tipo de cosas que no puedes ver desde el centro'. Ahí es donde queremos estar, llevando nuestra experiencia y conocimientos, principalmente en las áreas de narrativa y tecnología, para convertir esos territorios indómitos en espacios creativos fértiles y abiertos a cualquiera que disfrute de buenas historias bien contadas», dice Pou, que se incorporó hace un año a la agencia fundada por Chris Milk—director de videoclips míticos de Kanye West o Green Day—, justo cuando llegaron los dragones y cambió su nombre original de por el Here Be Dragons. (…)

How to create for alternative realities.

Sitges Next, 6 May 2017

The renowned creative director Edu Pou, from Here Be Dragons, and Contagious Communications, hand in hand with Stephane Scheyven, will be offering presentations at the Festival

The cutting edge of innovation will be at Sitges Next with the presence of two leading names in their respective areas, Here Be Dragons and Contagious Communications. They are the first two speakers in the lineup for Sitges Next 2017, which will be taking place in this Catalan town on May 5th and 6th.

As one of its attractions Sitges Next 2017 presents Edu Pou, executive creative director at Here Be Dragons, the studio specializing in virtual reality that’s behind some of the best immersive productions in the world. Pou is one of the most important figures in advertising innovation, a jury member and a speaker at the most prestigious events in the world (…)

Ola Björling and Edu Pou

Ola Björling and Edu Pou

Virtual apathy or virtual reality?

Campaign US, 31 May 2016

In conjunction with creative agency MediaMonks, Campaign US gathered a panel of senior VR experts to explore the opportunities and obstacles of the virtual reality revolution.

Virtual reality has attracted a lot of attention since Facebook bought Oculus, the maker of a crowdsourced VR head-mounted display, for $2 billion back in March 2014. Since then Google, Sony, Samsung and Microsoft have made multibillion dollar investments in this technology, and there are several high-profile consumer launches planned later this year.

Consumers experience VR using a headset that covers the user’s entire vision, totally immersing them in a computer-generated, 3D world.

From a brand perspective, VR offers the opportunity to make deeper, more meaningful connections with your audience. Many of the world’s leading brands like Nike and Red Bull have already used it to create impactful campaigns.

Desachate 2016

Desachate 2016

Innovation sets the roadmap for advertising

Desachate, 6 May 2016

Feed creativity through innovation. Desachate 2016, the advertising festival organised by the Uruguayan Circle of Advertising, offered different perspectives on how breakthrough ideas can make a difference in advertising, an industry that faces a scenario of technological changes and elusive audiences.

The event brought together leading international speakers who reflected on the current status of creative processes and creative teams.

Edu Pou, Chief Creative Officer of The Barbarian Group (USA), presented a decalogue based on examples of innovation in advertising. One of its maxims is "if I'm interested in the message, simply whisper it to me", so "letting the audience lead is the most interesting". That was the way Pepsi took, responding to a request from users in social networks to bring back Crystal Pepsi, a soft drink of 1992.

For Pou, ignorance and curiosity are two of "his best skills" to identify what interests people. That approach led his agency in the process to redefine IBM's strategy to introduce the consumer in «The human side of big data». (…)


Incredible VR Experiences Start Outside the Headset.

Three Steps for Marketers to Build a Memorable VR Experience for Users :: Advertising Age, 19 February 2016

When we talk about virtual reality, the conversation frequently happens in the future tense. We're discussing a medium that is very much evolving and full of exciting possibilities, but it's always been about to happen. However, with three hotly-anticipated consumer headsets being released this year, the industry is on a track to ship 14 million units in 2016. That means that this is about to be the biggest year for VR yet, and the year when many people will experience it for the very first time.

Right now, the way most people see VR for the first time is in a public place. Even after the release of this year's consumer headsets, VR installations in places like malls and convention centers produced by brands or content producers will still be very much a thing. This is where marketers have an opportunity to create a real connection between a brand and a consumer by creating an experience that is both memorable and positive. The way to do that is to put as much effort into the environment that makes up a VR installation as you put into the content itself.

Sure, people will subject themselves to sitting in an uncomfortable chair, hooked up to a computer in some crowded place while unseen strangers stare at them. People are interested enough in VR to go through that just to see what it can offer. But for many people, this quite understandably brings about some anxiety and a sense of awkwardness. These are not feelings you want people associating with your brand. Instead of letting the technology do all the work, we should channel that interest and that excitement into a truly special experience that viewers feel great about. (..)


10 Tips for Hiring the Right Creative by Chief Creative Officer Edu Pou

The Webby Awards, 27 August 2016

So you have a killer portfolio, the perfect interview wardrobe and 500+ LinkedIn connections. You’re set, right? You might be scoring a 11/10 in preparation, however it’s just as important to step into the shoes of the hiree. That’s where we come in. Webby Connect taps into the mind of Edu Pou, Chief Creative Officer at The Barbarian Group. With almost 20 years as a leading force in the creative industry, Edu shares some insight on the process of hiring the perfect addition to his team.

Barbarian’s Superdesk

Barbarian’s Superdesk

Home of the Superdesk

Edu Pou explains why The Barbarian Group’s sinous superdesk is the ideal catalyst for collaborative creation :: Net Magazine, January 2016

At The Barbarian Group we trademarked ‘It’s gonna be awesome’ to express our commitment to going beyond expectations. We’re a bunch of curious people from very different disciplines, united by a passion for technology and interactivity.

Architect Clive Wilkinson came up with the most collaborative and creative environment possible for us —a sinuous, single 4,400 square-foot desk, around which we all sit as one team. We think of it as an undulating surface of awesomeness that keeps ideas flowing.

At Your Service

At Your Service: Welcome to the Golden Age of Expectations

A Whitepaper from The Webby Awards, 30 October 2014

People can basically get whatever they want, whenever they want it, from the tap of an app these days. And according to research by The Webby Awards and Harris Poll, consumers’ expectations are higher than ever and only growing. Get those exclusive findings in our whitepaper below, what they expect when they’re expecting: understanding the sky-high demands of the world’s most entitled consumer.

With contributions from: Susan P. Crawford, Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Edu Pou, Executive Creative Director, The Barbarian Group, Gaspard de Dreuzy, Pager app, Co-Founder, Scott Mautz, Marketing Director NA Charmin & Puffs Family Care.

5 Minutes With… Edu Pou, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam’s Head of Creative Innovation

Little Black Book, 12 February 2014

Relentlessly curious, expansively collaborative and a compulsive problem solver – Edu Pou is something like the holy trinity for the new advertising age. As Head of Creative Innovation at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, they’re certainly qualities that come in handy. Whether it’s tracking down new and evolving technologies or digging out and recycling some old, unloved platform and repurposing it, his days are filled with discovery. 

Before arriving at Wieden’s he was part of the interactive team at  Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Boulder and Miami – and before that he was a creative director for DoubleYou in his native Spain. But throughout his career he’s been driven by all things ‘interactive’. In terms of creativity, he talks of ‘closing the circle’, the creator and creation is changed by its audience. And that spirit of ‘interactivity’ isn’t limited to his output – he’s a big fan of getting involved in all corners of the agency from PR to production in order to learn and collaborate. LBB’s Laura Swinton caught up with him to learn more.

Co-Create to innovate, PR Salon #4

Pakhuis de Zwijger, April 2013

Co-creation has been celebrated as the marketing strategy of the future. But does an expertise mash-up involving pretty much anything deliver true quality, service and solutions? Edu Pou (Head of Creative Innovation, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam) Gesina Roters (Co-founder and Creative Partner, DAY). Rob Dembitz (Corporate Development Director, Cannes Lions) Sandra Krstic (Deputy Managing Partner, Tribal DDB Amsterdam)

The event is hosted by Kerrie Finch (founder of FinchFactor), who fuels the debate between speakers and audience.

Creativity + Bravery | TED Ads Worth Spreading

Amsterdam, January 2013

What stands in the way of brave work?
Laziness. Fighting the mainstream takes guts but it mainly takes effort. A lot of it, usually. That’s why the enemy to beat isn’t fear as much as comfort. Ticking boxes, doing what’s expected, or following the wisdom of focus groups are a few of the obstacles to overcome. And that’s a shared endeavor. Making sure that everyone involved in the process feels ownership of the work is crucial. The cliché ‘All for one, one for all’ is easier to achieve when we all care. Otherswise you better be Bruce Lee, because you may be engaging in a lot of battles at the same time.

Who or what isnpires you to overcome these obstacles?
Self-esteem. There’s nothing more stimulating than the feeling of pushing boundaries, contributing to a bigger cause, and leaving our own mark. Mediocrity is not rewarding, and pampering our egos is not that bad when it leads to brilliance.

Meet The 37 Creatives Most Lusted After By Rival Agencies

The 2012 Poach List by Business Insider

In advertising, creativity is currency. When we asked advertising agencies to nominate their own key players for our 2012 list of the 25 most creative people in advertising right now, we also asked them for creatives at competing shops who they admire or would love to hire, given half a chance.

Our 2012 Poach List consists of the creatives cited most often by rival agencies—the art directors and copywriters that make agencies jealous.


El macarra d’Attitudes | TV3 En Directe

Barcelona, 28 December 2004

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... we launched an interactive film for Audi’s social initiative Attitudes to promote responsible driving. The campaign took Internet by storm and it was the most talked about campaign of the Holiday Season. While most brands did their online version of Hallmarks, Audi surprised everyone with a raw and unfiltered video.

The campaign was widely featured in Spanish media. The show En Directe of the public broadcaster TV3 came to DoubleYou to find out more about the campaign, and interviewed the baby-faced CD that I was.