The flip side of fame.

- What's wrong?

I shrugged.

- Did something happen at school?

I shrugged.

- I have something that will cheer you up.

She handed me a large white envelope. It was addressed to My Biggest Fan. I tore the envelope open and pulled out a large color photograph of Steve Austin. There was handwriting across the bottom of the photo.

For Sharon, it read. Love, Lee Majors.

- Who's Sharon? I asked my mother.

She shrugged.

- Who's Lee Majors? I asked.

She shrugged.

- They probably got your name wrong, she said.

- Which name? I asked.—Sharon or Lee Majors?

- Sharon. Lee Majors is the actor.

- What actor?

- The actor that plays Steve Whatever His Name Is.

- But I didn't want an actor's signature. I wanted Steve Austin's signature.