Mud. Rib. Sex.

In the beginning, in the garden, a baby was supposed to be a surprise,
appearing as suddenly as a sneeze. The way God intended it, two people
in love would share a like-minded pretty thought, and then there it
would be -a baby nesting in a tree above their heads. Or someone might
lay a cheek upon someone else's stomach and simply feel happy to be
alive, then would come the sudden weight of a baby upon the person's
back. People would like this, too. It wouldn't be like they'd walk
around afraid to have a good time for fear of making babies.
But the way God intended it did not pan out.
After He cast Adam and Eve out of the garden, God wed the creation of
babies with the act of sex. It was like pairing the eating of a
nectarine with a lunar eclipse, the tearing of a fig leaf with a
sudden snowfall. Previously it had no inherent logic but since God
made logic, now it was the way things would be.
Jonathan Goldstein

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