Antichrist. Prohuman

The Satanist realizes that man, and the action and reaction of the
universe, is responsible for everything, and doesn't mislead himself
into thinking that someone cares. No longer will we sit back and
accept "fate" without doing anything about it, just because it says so
in Chapter such and such, Psalm so and so -and that's that! The
Satanist knows that praying does absolutely no good -in fact, it
actually lessens the chance of success, for the devoutly religious too
often sit back and pray for a situation which, if they were to do
something about it on their own, could be accomplished much quicker!
The Satanist shuns terms such as "hope" and "prayer" as they are
indicative of apprehension. If we hope and pray for something to come
about, we will not act in a positive way which will make it happen.
The Satanist, realizing that anything he gets is of his own doing,
takes command of the situation instead of praying to God for it to
happen. Positive thinking and positive action add up to results.
Anton Szandor LaVey

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