No body lives forever... but Netflix’s new drama Altered Carbon focuses on a future unbound by those physical limitations. The series imagines a 24th century where the ultra-wealthy can cheat death by swapping their aging body for a new and improved model. To promote the series release and generate hype, we teamed up with Netflix to create a multi-tiered launch effort.The launch began with an augmented reality installation that transported people from all over the world to year 2384. Users could swap bodies and take their new appearance for a test run, bringing a whole new meaning to the concept of online shopping. After selecting their favorite fit, users placed a pre-order and received a calendar invite for their delivery date in the 24th century. The experience kicked-off at São Paolo’s ComiCon in December 2017 before traveling to New York, Manila, Warsaw, Milan, and Paris.

    The installations were followed by a short film, narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, exploring the History of Immortality. The piece documents our quest for infinite life and features testimonies with experts and influencers like serial entrepreneur Steve Aoki, bioengineer Martine Rothblatt, and Wired Senior Editor Peter Rubin. The catch? The story is told from a future where the quest has ended, and immortality is a reality: The world of Altered Carbon. The film is hosted on Netflix, as part of the lore of the show, and featured on dozens of sites globally, including Mashable and Syfy.

    The launch introduced global audiences to the Altered Carbon universe and left them in anticipation for the show release. It also prompted a series of thought-provoking questions: is death part of life? if we don't die, are we still human? If we could swap bodies and live forever, would we?