Kindawesome :: KIND

KIND is a start up health food company and a quintessential challenger brand in the healthy snack bar segment. But unlike most snack food brands, KIND is not just a for-profit company, but also an organization with deep philanthropic roots.

Enter  #kindawesome, a digital sampling program with a great mission: encouraging more kindness in the world by celebrating it. Just spot a kind act, and send a KIND snack at The goal is to ignite a daisy chain of kindness that spreads throughout America—fueled one snack at a time. It’s a pretty awesome goal for a seriously tasty snack.

To recruit our first batch of kind spotters, we sent influencers custom kind spotting kits inspired by old-fashioned birdwatching accoutrement. Each kit contains a 60 page book highlighting kind acts to be on the lookout for, a customized viewfinder, physical #kindawesome cards, and a few KIND bars to be devoured.