Reimagine :: Etihad

To truly appreciate a trip on board the new Etihad A380, you really have to experience it for yourself. ‘Reimagine’ puts audiences on board a virtual aircraft, en route to Abu Dhabi, with Nicole Kidman.

This is a true, 360° stereoscopic virtual reality experience, captured in cinematic-quality 6K resolution, with a moving camera on a motion controlled rig, CGI graphics, and binaural audio.

Available in 360° 4K on YouTube, apps for iOS and Android to use a cardboard viewer, or as the flagship experience in Samsung Gear VR headset from the Oculus store.

In the experience, the viewer can explore every cabin of the airplane.

Andrew Peet, our brilliant art ACD at Barbarian wrote an in-depth case study that—like everything he does—dots all the i's and crosses all the t's of such an intense process. In case one wants to dig even deeper of such an innovative project, the 'Making of" from the uber-talented crew at the production company Mediamonks doesn't leave much to the imagination.